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Chip Card

Chip Cards are the Standard of Security

Contactless Transactions Save Time Every Time You Tap

Contactless Transactions

Simple Steps:

  1. Tap, insert or swipe your card.
  2. Sign or enter your pin
  3. Remove your card when prompted

Faster Transactions

  • Contactless means you don’t have to insert our card into the point-of-sale terminal and wait.
  • Save time every time you tap.

Secure Transactions

  • Every chip and contactless transaction includes a unique code, helping to protect against fraud and keep your information safe.
  • The information on your card is protected by unique keys.
  • Contactless transactions work within 1-2 inches from the point-of-sale terminal.

How to Use Your Contactless Card

  • At time of paying for your purchases, look for the contactless symbol on the payment terminal.
  • Tap your card to the front of the POS terminal.
  • Wait for a beep or green light before removing your card (you can put your card away – you won’t need it again.
  • Follow any instructions on the screen (you might be asked to sign or to enter your PIN).